The business centers around a free iPhone and iPad app with three key functions;

Bubsac Search

Allows users to compare products based on store (in-store and online), brand, type, size and price.

Bubsac Add

Users can enter details about a product they have purchased and request it to be added to the database and be available for other users to see.

Bubsac Chat

An open forum where users can post and reply to comments or questions on anything baby and parenting related and be available for other users to see.

There are many options available for purchasing everything you need for your baby, however, how do you know you are paying the right price? We invite you to download the app, add details about when and where you have purchased nappies and help other families save time and money.

Have a parenting question to ask? Chat with other parents on the app and ask all those questions you don't want to ask on Facebook.

Currently, there is no other iPhone or iPad app that directly compares baby products the way Bubsac aims to. Some of the major retail stores have apps, and every company has a Website, however, you would need to check every app and website to make a thorough comparison of prices.
Bubsac will save you time by allowing comparisons to be made on the one app. By doing so we hope Bubsac will save you money on the baby products you use most frequently.

We have a young family (children aged 3 and 1) so we know that most families, like us, would appreciate saving money on the products they need to buy on a regular basis.